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Category: Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire
Solution: Sealed
Molex Connector Family: Multi splash proof, MX150™, MX150L™, RJ45, USB, Splash Proof - Mini

Deluxe Splashproof Solution Kit

Number of Pieces: 234 Pieces
Lead-Free: Yes
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$165.50 USD

Product Highlights
Industrial USB (Universal Serial Bus) connectors bring one of the most popular and convenient I/O connectors into harsh commercial and industrial environments. USB connectors are ideal for both short-term diagnostics (that require simple and fast setup), without having to turn off computers or equipment, and permanent installations for data acquisition systems. The rugged, plug and receptacle designs feature bayonetstyle latches, encapsulated PCB receptacles and overmolded cable assemblies to help keep out dust, debris and water. Ethernet connectors are of Category 5e transmission performance and TIA/EIA-568- B (RJ-45) connection interface. RJ-45 EtherNet/IP* Cordsets and Receptacles are ideal for use in environments where EtherNet protocol is used, including manufacturing facilities, water treatment plants and transportation hubs. Designed with one sealing surface, the connectors ensure optimum performance even in harsh environments. The pre-assembled, submersible MX150L™ is a high performance, environmentally sealed connector system suitable for challenging, rugged and harsh applications, supporting both low-level signal as well as power applications. The cost-effective connector design features all-in-one plug and receptacle housings with preassembled mat-wire and interfacial connector seals. The mating interface provides full IP67 sealing capability.2.50 mm (.098”) pitch Mini-Splash Proof, is a 2-4 circuit water-resistant WTW connector system. Mini-Splash Proof connectors are sealed for moisture environments, and JIS D0203 S2 Waterproof Compliant. The MX150™ Sealed Connector System is designed to meet the need for a rugged, environmentally sealed connector system supporting both low-level signal applications as well as power applications up to 22A, from on-engine automotive applications to off-read construction equipment applications. This design eliminates the need to purchase, handle and crimp individual wire seals to lower applied cost, is in a reduced package size for typical SAE style wire.

Features and Benefits
• IP67 and NEMA 6P Rating ensures cordsets are water and dust tight for functional integrityr
• Fully shielded cable provides Electro Magnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI) protection
• Overmolded cordsets, allow faster installation at customer site versus fieldwireable designs
• Ease-of-use
• Meets Open DeviceNet † Vendors’ Association and ControlNet ‡ Vendors’ Association IP Specifications
• One Sealing Surface means less likelihood of failure
• Easy termination allows custom length cable to be made in field
• Robust bayonet style lock
• Simple error free mating
• Simple crimp, poke and plug application, no crimping individual wire seals
• Audible and tactile clicks on insertion, extraction and mating
• Easy terminal extraction and insertion
• Quick, low-cost field repairs using common screw driver, needle nose pliers and terminal extraction tool
• Environmentally sealed to IP67
• Integrated mat wire seal
• Circuit plugs provide the ability to plan for possible future circuit additions, while maintaining the sealing integrity of the mated pair.

• Factory Automation
• Industrial Computers
• Industrial Controllers
• Factory Peripherals
• Printers
• Barcode Scanners
• Robotics
• Vision Systems
• Motion and Process Controls
• Test and Measurement Equipment
• Medical Devices
• Factory Networking Installations
• Production Equipment
• Industrial Environment: Food and Beverage, Automotive, Chemical and Other continuous and batch processes

• Water Treatment plants: Waste water, Municipal drinking water
• Transportation Hubs: Airports, Bus Stations, Rail Stations
• Metal and explosive detectors
• EDS's (Explosive Detection System)
• ETD's (Explosive Trace Detector)
• Agriculture Equipment
• Construction Equipment
• Recreational Vehicles
• On-Engine automotive applications
• Marine Equipment